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Wednesday, January 4, 2017


My life, so far, has been an interesting journey. I have contemplated blogging for a few years now, never really committing to the idea. The last year and specifically one person in my life has motivated me to put myself out there. So here I am.

To begin...let me label myself a bit.

First off, I am a mom. I have two little boys who are 7 and 10, who have taught me more than I would have ever imagined about life and love.

I am a working mom. If you're a working mom and you're reading this kudos to you, every day is a struggle.

I am a runner. I get out every day and lace up my running shoes for sheer fun. I don't do it to lose weight, for world peace, or to prove anything. I run for pure enjoyment. I enjoy running races, everything from 5k up to marathon distance.

I am a yogi.  I enjoy getting on my mat and just pushing out the day to listen to my body and challenge myself.

I am a woman in love. I have spent my entire adulthood, and even before that, with men. This past year, I came out.. yes that kind of out. I am hopelessly and completely in love with a woman. This statement alone made 2016 a very interesting year for me.

I can label myself many things, but until recently, I had never been a fan of labels. Why? I never realized how meaningful labels can be. Labels are how we connect with others. Connection is what people crave, it's what motivates our actions and essentially our behaviors. Whether that connection is at work, at home, or with a significant other; people genuinely want to connect with one other.

Throughout this last year, I have struggled to find a connection to my personal and romantic life. I have searched to find people going through similar journeys. I have been disappointed to come up empty handed. I follow blogs from amazing women who inspire and motivate me in my running life and yoga life. Those blogs are fantastic, not what I needed this past year. What about a mom who has been through a divorce, never really took time to find herself and just happens to be gay? I couldn't find any of those blogs. Shocking.

So, for me, this blog is about connecting. A connection to the single moms of the world who struggle just to get to work daily. A connection to anyone who obsesses about running and is often told how crazy they are for hitting the pavement in single digit temperature; simply because the training plan calls for 8. A connection to the gay girl who may be terrified to tell her southern folks she's been hiding apart of herself from them. These, plus oodles of other connections I hope to make through this process.

 I hope I can inspire, encourage or just reach someone going through similar experiences. I am not a writer, just a woman who has had a very interesting life that I want to share with you. Thanks for reading.      

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