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Friday, January 13, 2017

Love Defined

"You completely redefine my idea of what love is and should be. That it needn't be possessive, volatile or detrimental to your well-being, but can be selfless, gentle and consistent- and should empower you to pursue your passions. That it should balance and enrich a life, not tear it to pieces." - Beau Taplin.

Love is amazing. It has been written about, sung about, researched and defined countless times.

The dictionary defines love as an intense feeling of deep affection. A very bland way to describe an emotion that has started wars and burned cities to the ground. Love is a feeling that transcends words.

Each person expresses and feels love many ways. We love people in our lives with different kinds of love. The love for a child, a parent, friends, and lovers. Each love defined and felt in personal ways depending on who receives it. I have loved many people in many ways in my lifetime.

I love my parents, unconditionally.

I love my children with a deep, unshakeable kind of love.

I love my friends with a love that no matter how many years we go without seeing each other, every time we talk we pick up where we left off.

I love Jackie in a way that has left an imprint on my soul and a place in my heart that no one could ever have.

Each person in my life has taught me what it means to love.  Good and bad.

I have been through hell and told it was love, I even thought it was love. But, love shouldn’t be possessive and volatile. It shouldn’t hurt or make you cry.  Love should empower you to be a better person, not tear you down and make you feel like you’re not enough. It shouldn’t destroy you. Love should celebrate the pieces of you, not be threatened by your strength. It’s not loves job to punish you. Real love should make you a better person.  

Loving someone is a selfless endeavor. To love someone is to bare your soul. To trust that person with the deepest parts of you. Love is gentle and selfless and kind.

For a long time, I saw what I wanted to see and not what was in front of me.  It was hard for me to see the bad side of things. I always look for the best because I’m an eternal optimist. But, at some point you can’t keep repeating the same situation and hoping it will be different. I had to let go. After being sad for so long, I have found happiness. I am not bitter, what I have been through put me exactly where I needed to be when I needed to be there. The hurt, the anger and hate made me find my strength. Now, I have found love. Now, I finally know what love should feel like. I am loved for the madness I possess. I am loved for all my strength and my vulnerability. I am loved for who I am and not who someone wants me to be. I have fell in love with how she treats me and I will never again be loved like I’m ordinary.

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