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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Wife Life

I have a wife.

One sentence I honestly thought I would never say. I will admit, saying it makes me giggle in a school girl kind of way. I love it. I love having a wife and being a wife. Having been previously married to a dude, I have fantastic perspective on how gay marriage and straight marriage works and I have to tell ya, having a wife is the bees knees. Here are just a few of the perks...

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We both wear the "pants". I am usually in yoga's which is questionable if that counts but, we both usually wear pants. Honestly there is no fight over who is in control or who makes decisions. Most of the time neither of us want to make the decisions, instead we usually decide together like a legitimate partnership. Pretty awesome.

We don't have stereotypical roles. I don't do the "man" chores around the house, and neither does she; because there are no "man chores". We both mow grass and weed eat and do laundry.

I can be big spoon. Usually though, little spoon is my jam, but the option is there.

There are no pregnancy scares. Just not an issue.

Cuddling is welcome. After a long shit day it is wonderful to come home to a wife who just wants to wrap her arms around you and make everything better. Works every time.

There are two chefs at home. Not having to always eat what I cook is fantastic. I will freely admit she is a better cook and my favorite thing on the menu is anything we cook together because sharing the kitchen with her is pretty awesome.

Built in best friend. I can honestly say my wife is my very best friend. She is the first person I want to tell good and bad news to and she is the most fun to hang out with.She is my biggest supporter and I know she's always there to catch me when I fall. The BEST best friend.

My hoodie collection doubled. Having a wife with awesome hoodies is a pretty big bonus. I think I probably wear hers more than I do mine.

Sex is better. Enough said.

I am not knocking dudes completely. Promise. I am also not trying to get every woman to switch teams even though I have to say this team is waaaay better.

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