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Thursday, January 11, 2018

New Year's Diet

The new year is here and with it comes new diets and new workout plans. Starting a new year is a fantastic time to begin anew, make yourself and your health # 1. The only problem is it's a time when I see so many people get sucked into the fad diet trap. January 1 is here and you feel like by January 10th you should be down 20 pounds and running a marathon. Please let me be clear.... that's not going to happen!

Let me say that again, weight loss and fitness takes time. A SHIT TON of time! 

How much is a shit ton? More than some wacky diet or bizarre fitness plan. There isn't a single sustainable diet that is going to magically make you drop 50 pounds in a month, or a pill that suddenly turns your body into a fat burning machine. You know what does work? Blood, sweat and fucking tears. Waking up early, skipping a potluck to workout during work, eating the green stuff, sacrificing and then doing it all over again the next day. It's a lifestyle change. There is nothing quick about getting healthy. There is nothing easy about dropping weight. I'm going to just go ahead and say it, stop being lazy, making excuses and looking for the easy way;  just get off your ass. 

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Sorry, that was harsh but good golly it has to be said. I hate the bull shit and the industry of praying off people's desire to be skinny. There isn't an easy avenue people. I don't know how many friends and co-workers that come to me about a new diet, where you eat only peas and hot sauce for every other meal and they paid someone $500 to tell them that and it came in a fancy little binder. Well no shit, you are going to lose weight because you are going to starve. Guess what happens after that diet ends in a month? You gain it all back plus more because your body is terrified you are going to starve it again. 

Image may contain: one or more people and people standingReal weight loss comes from a lifestyle change. Skinny isn't a healthy and attainable goal for everyone. I wouldn't even define myself as skinny. I have thunder thighs, a booty and curves. I don't have a skinny bone in my body, BUT, I am healthy and let me tell you how I did it, I worked my ass off. 

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and indoorI didn't pay $1,000 for someone to tell me to cut out whole food groups, I didn't start some insane training regimen. I started out eating more veggies. From there, I started walking during my lunch at work, then I ran. I found people who wanted the same and joined me. I joined Instagram and followed runners who inspired and motivated me. I started putting people in my life who were positive. Then, I added more veggies and water. I stopped chugging the 6 soda's a day I was drinking (and don't give me that diet soda mumbo jumbo, it's no better) and started reading nutrition labels. Not one time did I look at calories or fat grams. I looked at actual nutrition. I started consuming only things that were going to help my body and get me through my next run; which started getting longer. I pushed myself to get out there every day until I looked forward to it. I started setting goals and making more changes in my every day life. I signed up for races, I tried new foods I never had given a second chance before. Slowly, the old lazy, unhealthy and fat Heather started being forgotten. The days of McDonald's burgers were long gone and I couldn't remember the last time I even wanted one. I didn't owe some program thanks, I just used research from my handy dandy phone to figure out what was best for me. I have never stopped enjoying food, I love to eat. When I eat, it's fuel for my body. I read and watch studies and documentaries that give me nutrition for my brain, so I am educated and making educated decisions. That's how I do it. Everyone is going to have their own story and their own path. If you need a support group, join one. If you need a gym membership, do it. Joining a gym is a better splurge than your fast food budget. If you need information on nutrition go out and get it in the right places. This is your body and your life. Crappy food and laziness is not worth dying young for. 

Listen, I am up on my high horse today because I have been there. I have paid money for diet plans only to struggle and gain back every pound plus more. I have cried when I looked in the mirror. I have been there. I don't have a degree in nutrition or certified as a dietitian; I'm not a personal trainer and I don't own a gym. What I do have though is a shit ton of experience and failures. I have been there, hell sometimes I still find myself going back there in my mind. It's a lifestyle change, it's a lot of hard fucking work. It's a lot of getting off your ass and making decisions that aren't fun but it does get better. It gets easier, it gets possible. 

So, I am telling you, don't waste your time on another new years fad diet. Start with small changes, and build from there. Know that it will take time. I am here, but I have been there. Find people who support you, or if you don't know any, I am here and can share my failures and successes.  

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