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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Choosing Me.

Everyone deserves to be loved for who they are, not what someone wants them to be.

One of the biggest problems in relationships exists when we lose sight of loving our significant other for themselves. When we stop seeing that person as the extraordinarily unique human they are and start seeing the negative, that’s when the relationship shifts. We begin expecting instead of accepting.

Let’s be real here, it’s easy to love someone when things are perfect. When everything is wonderful and you’re blind to flaws and you’re on that honeymoon high. That point when infatuation tangles up with love and it’s all-encompassing. But, infatuation is petty, self-seeking, and a fragile imitation of love. It can be exciting but superficial. Loving someone when things get tough, when you realize you’re both imperfect when you keep messing up and getting everything wrong, that’s when you see what love is made of. Anyone can love someone who’s doing everything right and being everything you want and need all the time. But the exquisite thing about love is, it’s in the times when you are at your lowest when you feel so broken when you’re lost, but you see them standing by you no matter the challenge ahead, that’s when you know how real it is. That’s when you feel it the most.

The magic is when you begin to see the flaws and loving that person despite it all. Letting go of who you think they should be or what they should do and instead, choosing who they are is the key to deep and profound love. Creating a safe space for vulnerability and intimacy and finding that sweet spot. Finding your bubble and getting back there as much as possible, that’s the key.

So, no matter how many things I get wrong, how much I mess up I always want you to know how entrenched inside of myself, my love is for you. How many times over I choose you and how you love me despite myself. I know I struggle to get it right sometimes, and I know there are times that I don’t show you the love you deserve but I promise it’s there. I could never love another soul the way I love you.

Image may contain: Jackie Sexton, plant and outdoorThank you for loving me regardless of my flaws, for choosing me. And thank you for giving me another Christmas with you. You are everything I ever wanted, plus more.

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