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Friday, February 1, 2019


I once read a quote, girls with the most beautiful hearts seem to have the most insecurities. 

Everyone has insecurities though, no matter if they know it or not. No one is perfect. Everyone has parts of themselves they keep hidden or tucked beneath the surface.

The girls in the quote are the most beautiful girls. The one who knows her insecurities and embraces them. Those most beautiful girls aren't looking for someone to come along and tell her she's perfect, she knows that's not true. She wants to be loved, flaws and all. She wants to be seen in every intricate way. The most beautiful women are the ones who are slightly off center, who never really fit in. Those women are like a clock that never really syncs up, always a minute ahead or behind. Those women live chaotically and love insanely. They aren't supposed to be perfect, that's the appeal. Those beautiful girls are storms to be chased.

She may never make up her mind or know what she wants. She's the kind of woman who can be laughing and dancing all while wearing her easily broken heart on her sleeve. She may feel more than most and hurt worst of all. But those women are beautiful in every obscure way.  They don't fit in a box or do the thing you expect. They are outliers. Those beautiful girls have been in the darkest places of their soul and seen the worst of themselves but still embrace it. She knows what it feels like to hurt, to feel and to persevere.

That kind of girl, the best you can hope to do is love her. She isn't flawless, she has a past and she may not understand it, or know where her future leads but I can promise if you love her it will be a hell of a ride. So, let her sing, let her dance, watch her smile, wipe her tears and just love her.