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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Happy Miles

When I started running, I had no idea what I was doing. Even though it’s a simple exercise, there are some secrets that will help make you successful.  I want to share tips I have found out on my own or read while I researched.  I know it’s scary to start something new, and there is so much information it’s overwhelming. So, I hope to share some good tips with you to help make those first miles turn into a whole heap of happy miles. 

First, before you even begin to head out on your first run or have been running; set a goal. It doesn’t have to be running a marathon, or some big enormous goal. I know there is quote that says your goals should scare you, and I agree but when your new; be realistic. Someone just starting should probably not want to sign up for an Ironman. Start small. Sign up for a 5k.  Goals keep you focused, gives you purpose and every single person needs a purpose in life. So, think about what you want to do. If it’s lose weight, that’s awesome. Know that it takes time and it won’t happen overnight. But, I promise you if you find something you enjoy you will forget about the weight loss and you will fall in love (maybe just like) with running.

Next, get fitted for the right shoe. If your serious about getting into running, buy the proper shoes. Start by going to your local running store and ask to be fitted for running or walking shoes. Those who don’t have running stores nearby Running Warehouse is a website where you can be fitted without ever going in a store. If your super uncomfortable with going in a store, then check out the link. The store (or Running Warehouse) will have you run on a treadmill and record your feet. The video is then slowed down and an analysis of how your feet move while you run takes place. This is important because, when we run, how our foot lands or ankle turns can impact our feet. Healthy feet are important because you want to stay injury and pain free. The cost is usually free and wherever you get it done will tell you the type of shoe you need and give you a list of shoes that would best suit your foot. There is no obligation to buy anything after your fitted, but it’s a useful tool if your serious about running. I didn’t do this and my first half marathon ended in the top of my foot being blue because I wore a shoe that was the wrong style and size; ouch.

(My Shoe -Brooks Ravenna)

Once you have the type of shoe that will be best for your foot. Buy the damn shoe. Investing your money into a good pair of running shoes will be like financially committing to running. I’m a frugal person and I hate when I spend $120 for a pair of running shoes, but it’s always worth it.

After you have the shoes, invest in some decent running apparel. Now, this is more up to the individual. There are tons of different brands and the prices vary depending on the brand. If you are just starting, go to Wal-mart; their running apparel is honestly decent quality. Under armor is my favorite running brand when I don’t want to spend a small fortune. But, if you have the funds, go big. Brands like Brooks and Saucony have running specific clothing that is amazing and lasts a long time. The brand depends on your budget. The key type of clothing should include some running capris or shorts that are adjustable. You don’t want to be pulling at your bottoms the entire run. Shirts need to be moisture wicking and can range from t-shirts to tanks, whatever you feel comfortable in. Try different types out to see what works best for you, everyone is different.

After you have the tops and bottoms, buy some moisture wicking socks. If you try to wear the socks you wear to work you will eventually regret it as blisters will be a common occurrence. Feetures are my favorite brand, but there are tons more. Again, preference. A good pair will last a long time so you don’t need very many. I think after all my years of running I have about 5 pair I rotate. I have suffered through blisters and I wouldn’t take anything for my running socks.

Ladies, BUY A GOOD RUNNING BRA. Nothing is more uncomfortable on a run than having the girls bounce up and down the entire time you run. Your boobs should not be more sore than your legs after a run. A regular bra you wear to work won’t cut it.  Most running bras are like any other bra, they aren’t cheap. But, your boobs giving you a black eye during a run is not cool. The bra should be tight and keep the girls in place. I prefer Nike Pro in high impact just because of the higher mileage I run. I have worn other brands and have no issue if the bra fits tight. Protect the goods, buy a good running bra.

Purchase an app or GPS watch. In the beginning, I took my phone on runs and would use the Runkeeper or Nike Running app to track my pace and how far I went. Eventually, I would stop taking my phone along and it then it became necessary to buy a GPS running watch. If you plan to always take your phone, save the money and download a free running app. The purpose is to track your progress so either one works.

Connect with other runners. If your running community is small in your area, look on Facebook, Instagram, or any social media platform to find people who share your goals. I know I have mentioned in past blogs, but I would never have kept going if not for Instagram and the running community on there. Also, search for runner blogs. I fell in love with Another Mother Runner tribe. The ladies who run it have written a couple of books and have created this amazing community for mom’s who run. They are only a few of the amazing people in this super inspirational community. Runners are my favorite kind of people.

One of my running buddies

These tips are just to get you started. I hope to eventually share everything I've learned. I hope you will use all of these tips to get out the door on the road or trail. Happy Miles!!

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