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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Beauty in imperfections

Body image is something women all over the world struggle with. Media portrays women in a very negative light. We should all be a certain size and look a certain way.  I don't know a single woman in my life who fits that mold. Hell, most of the women in media don't fit that mold. They are airbrushed or edited to make them look itty bitty and perfect.
There is no such thing as one perfect body type.

The body you inhabit is perfect.
Women come in all different shapes and sizes. But, loving the skin your in isn't an easy thing. When you see women in the media it's impossible not to compare. Not to look at yourself and see flaws but instead, see the uniqueness that makes you beautiful. A woman's body is an amazing thing. Be proud of it. It has took me a long time, a lot of failed diets and weight gain to finally be happy with where I am at this moment when I look in the mirror. Finally...

I am proud of my thunder thighs that carry me across miles and miles of every kind of terrain.

I am proud of my big hips even when I'm told they are disproportion to my waist.

I am proud of my stretch marks and war wounds of carrying two boys.

I am proud of my stomach that is far from washboard but holds me upright through hours of running on the road.

I am proud of my strong arms that can hold me upside down in yoga class.

I am proud of every single flaw on my body.

There are so many things I could see as imperfections but I make an effort when I look in the mirror to see the beauty. I will never be a size 4 and look like a model. I'm okay with that. I will however, enjoy trying new foods and run my ass off; not because I need to lose five pounds but because I enjoy it. I enjoy pushing my body because, my body is strong. My body is beautiful. No matter what size I am now or what number is on the scale.

Now, I am an athlete and I'm all about eating healthy. I have struggled, like most women, throughout my life with dieting and losing weight and hating my body. I think being healthy and taking care of yourself is incredibly important but, that has nothing to do with fad diets and starving yourself. Health is fueling your body. Health is taking care of the only body you will have in this life. Health is finding a balance between eating things that are good for you but, giving in to indulgence. Food should not be a source of stress and anxiety. Food isn't something to be avoided. Food should be enjoyed.

When you stop fighting yourself, when you stop fighting food and focus on nourishing your body, when you start to nourish your body and appreciate the beauty you see when you look in the mirror; that's when the real transformation begins. Love the way you are right now. Love what you see right now. Stop being unhappy with what you see in the mirror, you are beautiful exactly how you are.

Photo by my fiancĂ©, who looks at me like I'm the most beautiful woman in the world..

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