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Monday, June 26, 2017

A letter to my love...

I know I'm not easy to love.

I have a dark past that will always haunt me and demons that will always try to consume me.

I'm a constant over-thinker and I often get lost in the deep and dusty corners of my head.

I wear my heart on my sleeve; so I'm a bundle of emotion and feelings. I try to be hard and strong but my softness always prevails and exposes all of my vulnerabilities.  

I am filled with insecurity. No matter how hard I try imperfection is ingrained.

I struggle to communicate. Words seem to always fail me when I need them most.

I'm constantly in need of love and security which makes me more fragile than I want to be and hurt easier than I care to admit.

I am wild and chaotic and rarely slow down. I am everything that is hard to handle and even though try I almost always fail. I am flawed and I am broken and I have a messy soul but I promise I am worth it.  I will rejoice in you and I will love you with everything I have. I will love you with more passion and intensity than you have ever known. I will take care of you and give myself completely to you. I will stand by you through every mood and storm. I will love you, laugh with you and fight for you every day for the rest of our lives.


Your own personal storm..

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