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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Happily ever after...


I have posted about the race. I have posted about the beautiful country we explored. But, I have not posted about the best part of our trip.....We got married!!!!!

I admit I am still on the honeymoon high, but I hope to stay that way for the next foreseeable decade or two. 

When we started planning we looked at venues and guest lists and one thing became clear, planning a wedding is stressful. The deeper we got into it the more we realized it wasn't us. We are the kind of women who never stand still. We are always on the go and always looking for our next adventure. So, why not start the biggest adventure of our lives with an unforgettable trip together to another country. Once we knew eloping was what we wanted we narrowed it down and decided on Iceland. Amazing decision. The trip, the country, the ceremony, it was so gorgeous and memorable. I am so glad we made the decision to elope, we will never forget our wedding day.

Now that the dreamy trip is over and we have settled into our every day grind, I still can't believe I got to marry my best friend. I am so completely in love with her. And, I know just like our lives thus far; there will be obstacles. I know there will be peaks and valleys. Despite the struggles we have faced together and the people who have tried to constantly burst our little bubble, loving her is the easiest thing in the world. I would rather go through all the bad stuff with her than the best with anyone else. She is who I want to live my life with and in Iceland I committed myself to her in every way I possibly could.

I have been through enough to know that marriage is more than a big party or a ceremony or pretty rings. I have been through hell  but, now I know what love looks like. Now, I know what happiness feels like. Now that I am genuinely loved, I will fight every day to work through anything that comes our way.

So, as we enter into this part of our lives, we bring with us a past we both hope to forget; and baggage that could fill an auditorium. We enter into this marriage knowing we have found the person we were meant to love forever and we will do so, from this day forward as long as we both shall live. 

How amazing it is to have found someone who genuinely wants to see me smile for the rest of my life.

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