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Tuesday, November 7, 2017


"Marriage is not about religion.
Atheists get married.
Marriage is not about reproduction.
The infertile get married.
Marriage is about love. That's it.
And that all by itself is beautiful."

With all the talk going on about marriage equality in Australia, I thought it was time to talk about and maybe even open a discussion about gay marriage. Lucky for me, and my wife it is recognized in America. But, I have mentioned my upbringing in the past, and the fact that I was raised to believe marriage is between a man and a woman. Little did I realize, when hearing these things, that I would find myself deeply in love and married to a woman when I grew up. Falling in love with someone from the same sex, really puts a dent in those childhood teachings. Regardless, even when I am told as an adult, by family, that my marriage isn't real that doesn't change the fact that I love my wife to the very depths of my soul. It doesn't change the fact that I sought happiness and commitment just like any other couple who want to marry. How is my marriage not "real"?

I know my perspective is kind on the other side of things but, I never really understood the big fuss over why gay people shouldn't be allowed the same rights as straight folks. Are gay people another species? Are we not entitled to the same laws and rights as every one else? I completely respect the people who are devout to certain religions and the beliefs they hold. I admire faith in all of it's forms. I also respect the fact that those people see marriage as a deeply religious ceremony. I believe marriage surpasses all religion and is so much more. Marriage is so much more than two people holding a ceremony or filing paperwork with clerks. Marriage is it's own kind of faith; faith that through everything life throws your way, you will still be loving your spouse.. beyond this life.

Marriage is about becoming a team.

Marriage is finding a way to get through life; the bad times and the good times.

Marriage is overcoming obstacles together and enduring stressful challenges, knowing every burden that comes along will not have to be carried alone.

Marriage is something that isn't entered into lightly by any one from any religion.

Marriage is two people choosing to become something greater than they were before.

Love and marriage go hand and hand and has throughout history. Love is about love, plain and simple. Every marriage is different just like every relationship is different. Every marriage has it's very own trials and tribulations and it's very own joys. Every marriage is real, every marriage should be celebrated.

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