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Saturday, January 13, 2018


The other night I was laying in bed and I had a moment of clarity. You know, those moments where you take a step back and realize how amazing your life is at this very moment in time. I'm constantly going a million miles a minute in my every day life and I rarely have those moments of reflection. 

But, when I did,  it dawned on me.  What an amazing thing I have. To live with someone every single day who I countdown the minutes until I see again. To have someone to share my bed and my embarrassing moments with. 

This is what it is to be married. 

To exchange knowing looks across a crowd full of people. To argue over how the toilet paper roll should be put on.  To learn a new recipe because I found it on her Pinterest. To wait for her before I watch the new episode on Netflix.  To stand up for her. To ask her to play with my hair. To get mad at her. For her to be annoyed with me. To see her first thing in the morning and last at night. To wonder where we are going on our next adventure. To tell her to stop being so stubborn. To miss her when I haven't talked for her entire work day. To laugh at an inside joke. To know exactly what her hand feels like in mine.  To have her as a backseat driver. To take a hot bath with her. To beg her to go to yoga with me. To feel pride when she eats all the food I have cooked. To always seek her happiness. To watch Ancient Aliens with her even though I never knew Georgio existed before her.  To have a favorite restaurant together. To throw her clothes in the laundry. To ask her to pick up water for me on her way home.  To tell her to turn off the damn alarm.  To run my fingers through her hair. To plead with her not to get mad when I do something I shouldn't. To make all big life decisions together. To put her name on all of my "emergency contact" forms. To feel her disappointment as my own. To laugh at all her jokes.  To feel safe when she is near. To adamantly deny when she is right. To beg forgiveness when I think I hurt her. To ask what she thinks of my new haircut. To wear a something because I know she likes the way it looks on me. To go hang out with her parents. To love her family as good as my own. To know her smell. To follow her around the house telling her that I am right and she is wrong. To know who her favorite actress is. To listen to her complain that I hog all the covers. To lay her towel out when we shower. To show her a new favorite song that I love. To plan our golden years together. To get mad at her for being late. To make her late.  To pick up her favorite snack at the store. To spoon in the mornings. To listen to her tell stories to your kids. To go for a run together. To tell her she's the most stubborn person I've ever met. To take her last name.  To give love. To receive love. To always be her number one priority and her mine. To be hers. 

This is what it is to be married.

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