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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

St. Louis on foot

So, I just got back from St. Louis, Missouri. I spent 5 days working and sightseeing in the show me state.

Now, when I visit a new place I am terrible at having a plan. If I am being prepared, I will have a general idea of the things I want to see but usually, wing it once I get there. Life happened this time and I honestly went into this trip with no plan other than seeing the arch, which was where my hotel was located, I had nothing on my agenda.

But, once I landed I hit the ground running, literally. I checked into my hotel, laced up my running shoes and explored the area around my hotel, on foot. The arch is massive, unfortunately, the inside of the arch was on winter hours and I was unable to take the inside tour because of work. But, seeing the outside of the arch and the beautiful park surrounding it was enough for me.

Since I was there for work, I kept my budget pretty tight. I used Uber twice and only because I found myself in an unsafe part of town. The rest of the trip I rented a bike or put on my good ol' running shoes. I have to say, St. Louis was a very bikeable city. The majority of downtown was equipped with bicycle dedicated lanes. I think it was honestly one of the most fun ways I have toured a city. Usually driving around you miss a lot and don't get to see some of the restaurants and shops, but the downside can be the inability to go too far out from your base.
Forest Park

In addition to the arch, I explored some of the highlights of the city I found online. I was able to make it to Forest Park, which was gorgeous. I actually even found wooded trails, which shocked me. Inside of Forest Park was an awesome, and free, art museum that was packed with fantastic exhibits.

Forest Park
Now, even though I saw some cool sights, the best part of the trip was the food! I stayed at the Hyatt while I was there and honestly the food in the hotel restaurant, Brewhouse Historical Sports Bar. They had delicious tacos and the yummiest burritos. I had a chance to check out the local barbeque at a place called Sugarfire and the taco scene was AMAZING. I biked one evening to a place called Mission Taco Joint and I am telling you right now, best taco I have put in my mouth. If you EVER have a chance to check it out, DO IT!

Mission Taco Joint
The park where the coffee shop was
Now, to end the trip I cannot forget to tell you about the most awesome coffee shop in town, Kaldi's Coffe. I had breakfast there which was an amazing vegan breakfast burrito followed by a coffee that would make Starbucks cry. It's rare to find a coffee shop that exceeds the coffee I had in Iceland but let me tell you, that one came pretty damn close.

So my overall review of St. Louis was pretty great, I spent most of the week working but I utilized the time I had to explore a bit of the Midwest. I'd like to go back and spend a bit more time, and maybe even have more toasted ravioli.

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