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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

My Woman Crush Wednesday

In one of Edgar Allan Poe's poems, he said: "we loved with a love that was more than love". I don't think it was within my ability to even understand the context of that poem until I met you.

I don't think, in my 30 years on this earth, I had met someone like you. Maybe that's not accurate. Maybe I have met you before. I like the idea that probably before this life, I loved you while I was in some other body. Like one of those romantic movies, where two souls continue to search for one another. I like the idea of that. I think that was us. I think that idea explains how I found myself in some random city hundreds of miles from home. I think the moment I heard your voice and my eyes met yours that night, something sparked. I didn’t have a clue what the hell happened, but something big happened.

Image may contain: mountain, outdoor, nature and waterAnd, here I am. After a series of events, that I could replay in my head like one of those songs I play a gazillion times, I find myself in awe every single day. I love my life, for the first time ever I really mean that and you are the reason.

Because of you,

because of my #wcw.

In my time here, in this body, I have met so many people. Some of those people have changed the way I look at things, some of those people I have held onto. But not one single person has impacted me the way you have.

Not one single person has captured my attention like you have.

Not one single person have I really physically felt their absence the way I do with you.

Not one single person has completely consumed my mind and my thoughts the way you have.

Not one single person has calmed my soul the way you have.

By now, you know how restless my soul is. You know stillness is not in my nature. But, somehow you calm my soul. When I am with you it's like the most comforting exhale, everything stills. For someone like me, that feeling is soothing. That feeling and the hold you have on me is more than I can put into words. Being a writer, I try like hell but never quite succeed. So, I will spend the rest of my life trying to give you that version of peace that you give me.  With every hand held, every smile seen and every voice heard I will always find my peace because of you.

I have loved you since I met you and will for as long as I breathe. Then, whatever existence we find ourselves in after this life, I will seek you out so I can love you then. My soul will search for yours and the stillness and happiness you give me.

I love you my every single second of every day, and every single day and every Wednesday for the rest of our lives.


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