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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Who are we to judge?

When you become a parent, I think it’s natural to have expectations and preconceived ideas of what the little person you have created, is going to be like. Imagining the future and what that could look like.

Image may contain: people sitting and textBut, as they grow, you begin to see them become this little person who is unique and special. At that point, you should let go of the idea and expectations you had in your mind at the beginning. You should grow as a parent. Because, this child, this little human being you are raising, is their very own little person. They have ideas and personality and a spirit all their own.

Accepting that little human is your job as a parent.

Your job is not to mold them into who YOU want them to become. 

Your job is not to tear down their spirit and build it up to your expectations. 

Your child is not your blank slate to create on, nor are they your clay to mold, nor a miniature version of you. Your child is a person, growing and learning and figuring out their place in the world. We as parents should open that space for them. We should teach, celebrate, guide and love. Simple.

Who are we to judge?

We are people too, imperfect and learning for ourselves. We have no manual, no copy of what life and parenting are supposed to be. We are all on this journey.

We, as parents, need to learn our children are who they are supposed to be. They are different from us and that’s ok. They are supposed to be different from us. 

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